Installing CentOS7 VM with GUI (VMware Workstation)

Praveen David Mathew
5 min readOct 17, 2020


If you just want to know how to setup UI and not about setting up VM, scroll to the section : Installing GUI. Let’s startttttttttttt……………..


To create new VM:

In VMware workstation click ‘File> Create VM’ and choose custom option.

Select ESXi 6.5 from dropdwon to ensure compatibility with previous versions.

Choose ‘ i will select OS later’ to avoid the situation of VMWare detecting incorrect OS version and doing wrong configurations, that might cause compatibility issues.

Note: you can choose installer image directly, and in most cases it works fine.

Select the settings as in the screenshots below, and leave the settings in it’s defaults if screenshots are not provided.

Choose different location and name if required, else leave it as default.

Select appropriate RAM size for your VM, more RAM size = Smooth system!!!†

Select NAT or Bridged for internet connection , use Host only for private network between VM and host.

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