How to connect OnePlus 6 to Appium studio.

Praveen David Mathew
2 min readNov 16, 2020

Enable Developer mode in Oneplus:

Navigate to Settings>About and click Build Number multiple time

<you will get a message pop saying developer mode enabled>

Enabled Remote Debugging:

Goto Settings>System>Developer options>Debugging>USB Debugging and enable it:

Now search for device:

Open cmd and run:

adb devices

You will get prompt in phone for authorization accept it:

Select always allow from this computer

The output of abd devices command should be like:

Accept the prompt and execute the command till you get device instead of unauthorized as output of the command:

Open Appium studio:

Click Device>Android ( you can use the icon also for adding)

You don't have anything to configure just click OK

Now click chrome and click record button:

Now see the screen: 😀

You can click home button to goto home:

I hope you love my cycle and Tattoo 😀

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