Data driven testing per request without using data file

//we use variables as it will get destroyed after the run . So if index returns null then it means it’s the first iterationif (!pm.variables.get("index")) {    const parse = require('csv-parse/lib/sync')
//Environmental variable where we copy-pasted the csv content
const input = pm.environment.get("csv");
const records = parse(input, {
columns: true,
skip_empty_lines: true
pm.variables.set("index", 0)
pm.variables.set("records", records)
records = pm.variables.get("records")
index = pm.variables.get("index")
//we are setting variable
if (index !== records.length) {
for (let i of Object.entries(records[index])) {
pm.variables.set(i[0], i[1])
pm.variables.set("index", ++index)

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