Boiler Plate Code:

Read the theory:

let's see what is automation is all about

Old implementation:

so for…


But when implementing projects you don’t have to repeat these boilerplates codes…

What is Javascript:

So, A language that…

We already covered how to install wsl2 and enable network connectivity in it.

Now lets see how to run WebdriverIO tests in WSL space

Read it here:

Now lets see how to run the same in WSL ( Linux ubuntu)

this is disabled , we have to enable it because chromedriver runs in localhost (loopback)

sudo ifup lo


Install wsl2:

follow the manual steps in:

Note: RESTART your system after step 2 before proceeding to step 4 in above guide

After step 5 follow the below steps

Install distros:

Launch Ubuntu:

setup the system by providing any username…

Read the theory:

Boiler Plate Code:

What is ElectronJS :

Jump Right into Implementation:

As electronjs apps run on chromium you need chromedriver to automate it . Each electron app will be using different chromium…

What is Big O notation?

A standard mathematical notation that determines the efficiency of an algorithm for worst-case scenario in respect to the input size.

So how is the efficiency calculated ? the efficiency is calculated with respect to two types of complexity:

  • Time Complexity: How much time does it…


Axe is an accessibility testing engine for websites and other HTML-based user interfaces. It’s fast, secure, lightweight, and was built to seamlessly integrate with any existing test environment so you can automate accessibility testing alongside your regular functional testing.

Axe-core requires injection below script tag to all frames for…

External libraries can be executed in postman if CDN equivalent of these libraries are available.

You can get CDN in equivalent from websites like:

Now to use momentTZ in postman, copy the below code into script section and execute it once and then comment out:

This will store the…



you can also download just the binary file instead of installing…

Praveen David Mathew

An ISTQB certified Software Test Engineer and an enthusiastic fast learner with a passion for technology. linkedin :

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