Boiler Plate Code:

Read the theory:

Let us start by understanding how easy is device Automation:

let's see what is automation is all about

Old implementation:

So previously there were no standards on device or web automation. Each device vendor releases a utility or tool called a driver that knows how to automate their product.

so for…

Before starting:

You can use typescript playground to execute and learn the below topics

Types in Typescripts:

In typescript we have to specify the type of each identifier ( variables), so that only actions for that particular type that is available is allowed to be called. …

What is Javascript:

Javascript (also called s ECMAScript) started as a simple light weight scripting language without much syntactical overhead to create dynamic HTML pages. But once the potential of what javascript could bring to the www world was realized , the language and browser support developed rapidly .

So, A language that…

We already covered how to install wsl2 and enable network connectivity in it.

Now lets see how to run WebdriverIO tests in WSL space

Read it here:

Now lets see how to run the same in WSL ( Linux ubuntu)

  1. Enable loop back interface:

this is disabled , we have to enable it because chromedriver runs in localhost (loopback)

sudo ifup lo


Install wsl2:

follow the steps:

follow the manual steps in:

Note: RESTART your system after step 2 before proceeding to step 4 in above guide

After step 5 follow the below steps

Install distros:

we use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Launch Ubuntu:

launch Ubuntu by typing Ubuntu in start menu

setup the system by providing any username…

Read the theory:

Let us start by understanding how easy is device Automation:

Boiler Plate Code:

What is ElectronJS :

Electron uses Chromium and Node.js so you can build your app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Jump Right into Implementation:

  1. Download chromedriver:

As electronjs apps run on chromium you need chromedriver to automate it . Each electron app will be using different chromium…

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